ALISA and FRENCHIE

     My experience with Donna Fontenot has been very wonderful from day one of meeting her.  She made this experience for me so enjoyable.  She allowed me to visit my puppy every weekend until I was able to take him home.  That was so thoughtful and considerate for her to take that time out for me.  It was such a great pleasure meeting her, and seeing the way she loves her doggies only made me appreciate her that much more.  She inspired me to want to be a good mommy to my new baby boy.  Donna has also emailed me weekly pictures throughout the 6 weeks waiting period to share with me the changes my doggy was making.  I appreciate that so much because I was so anxious to get my new baby boy.  I really appreciated everything she has done to make my first experience as a puppy mom so wonderful and I willcherish that always.  I'm so glad I found Southern Paws Bichons as my breeder. I would definitely recommend Donna to anyone if they are looking for a trustworthy breeder.

                                              Alisa Boggs

Ryan with June & Simon

Thad with June & Simon

We had been searching for a Bichon Breeder for some time when we came upon Donna's website.  From our first conversation we were hooked.  Donna is so amazing!  She let us know the moment the puppies were born, and updated us almost daily for 10 1/2 weeks until we picked up Simon & June.  We received weekly pictures and even videos of our little ones learning to walk, play, and bark.  We were so thankful to get to be part of their lives from day one!  All because of Donna and her helpers.  Our family is sooo thankful that we came across Donna's website.  Our puppies, Simon and June are so perfect.  Everyone that comes in contact with thim loves them immediately and can't get enough.  They have such sweet, happy personalities, and are sooo smart.  They already sit and lay down after a week, and are almost totally potty trained!  We are so proud of them.
Thank you so much Donna and Southern Paws, we truly consider you family!

Thad and Ryan
Denver, Co.


Marcelyne and Bahree

Donna,  Lee and I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we have enjoyed Marcelyne!  She and Bahree have taken to each other as if they have been together for years.  Marcelyne is so lovvable and playful.  She loves to run and leap across the back yard.  She and Bahree have played tag until they just about can't go anymore.  We are so happy with her.  You did a good job raising her the first months of her life, she's a special girl!  Thanks so much for sharing part of your Southern Paws family with us!  We've recommended you highly to all that inquire.
Thanks a million!

Lee Carlton and David Hamilton
Lake Charles, La.

Gucci and Louie
Louie & Gucci1

Just wanted to write you a short note and tell you how much I love my 2 boys, Gucci and Louie.  They really have brought me so much joy and happiness. They're getting a little older now-7 months- and are still so much fun and sooo sweet.  Of course, two completely different personalities.  I know they love each other as much as I love them.  Thank you so much for bringing them into my life.
Thank you again.  They really are my "heart".

Wilma Geraci
Destrehan, La.

                                  KEELY and ELLE


       Even though our time with Donna was short ,(we found Elle on her website and went pick her up the same day), it was a pleasure.
      She was very nice and helpful in us bringing home our new puppy.
      We are in love with Elle. She is such a joy to have in our lives.
      Elle is in perfect health and we have to thank her breeder for that.
      I would definetely recommend her to anyone.
     We will be going back to her when we decide it is time to get Elle a little brother or sister.





     Beignet  has been the best addition to our family. 
      I can't explain the joy that she has brought to our lives. 
     She is great with other people and pets and is so much fun!! 
     Ms. Donna was wonderful to work with and I felt at ease knowing that I was getting a healthy and very loved puppy. 

     I would definitely recommend a Bichon Frise' from Southern Paws Bichons. Thank You



                                      STEVE and BEANIE
       Neither Steve, nor I, knew much about the Bichon Breed when we began searching for a puppy.   When I saw the advertisement that Donna had in the local paper, I checked out her website.  Although I've always had LARGE dogs in my life, my husband Steve wanted a small dog; he had previously owned a small poodle and wanted something similiar.  Thereafter, everything I read about Bichons seemed too good to be true.  After meeting Donna and her brood of Bichons, we immediately knew the love and care that went into the breeding.  
       The night I met Donna, I sat on the floor and interacted with the adult Bichons and the two remaining pups from Bella and Samba.  One of the pups came and crawled in my lap...AND WELL...that was how Beanie chose us to be her new parents.  
       We've now had Beanie nearly two months of her four month life.  She has a beautiful little face and has adapted so well to our home.  Her personality is absolutely precious!!!  Yes..she's spoiled, but, she's also very smart and has been easy to train. 
       Beanie has brought a great deal of laughter and joy into our lives, and when we take her anywhere people go crazy over her.

       Buying a Bichon was the best decision we could have made in choosing a puppy...especially from Donna.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jan Terhune




  Hi Donna, 
 Just wanted to write a note to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet with you and what a treasure it has been to receive Shrek into our family and home.  He has been such a joy to my twin daughters and to all of us.  His sweet gentle nature is everything you described and more.  Shrek has been so amazing so see, with such a mellow, laid back personality in a puppy of all things.  Potty training has been a breeze.  I just take him outside and he does his thing.  Also as you know full well what a beautifully thick coat he has. It grew so fast I had to give him a haircut within a couple of weeks after bringing him home.  I put him on the grooming table and he was a total champion.  He just sat there so still and calm never once did he try to get away from me.  I was so  proud of him. I can't thank you enough for recommending him to be my handicapped daughter's companion and best friend.  We're all in love with this little fella.


                                                                                ANGIE and "Mr. CASH"
                                                                                           with Punkie

 Donna,  Good afternoon.  I wanted to send you a picture of Cash after we got back to Mobile.  I took him over to see my mom  and dad and ofcource meet Punkie for the first time.  This was just as we walked in the door.  They were so cute.  Cash is absolutely adorable.  He had a very good night last night.  He has been wonderful going outside to do his "business".  He has not had an accident in the house and today he actually went to the door to go outside.   I also gave him a bath, he was very good and took a long nap afterwards.  He woke up every 3 hours to go outside, when outside he did his thing and came back in, got in his crate and went back to sleep.  Well, we just wanted to tell you that we absolutely love him.  My son, Christian, has fallen in love with him.  He says all the time how little he is but he plays with him all the time.  That is saying alot for a 17 year od.  We will send more pictures soon.  Thank you so much.  You were an absolutely joy to work with.

                                                                                                                                                      Tim, Angie, and Christian Beasley
                                                                                                                                                                    Mobile, Al.

                                 ISABELLA and AMIE
    ....WOW !!!!! We just love her.  Have had her for over 24 hours and have not had one accident yet.  She goes outside does her business every 3 hours and plays with Casper.  Not sure if Casper enjoys the playing.  She is such a joy.  Thank you again. 

      .....Went to
the vet today & needless to say besides being so smart, she is healthy.  Her weight was 2.8 pounds.  He is guessing she will be about 8-9 pounds.  We all love her so much.  You can't go anywhere without being stopped.  People are yelling from their car how cute she is. I would like to say crate training is going well, but since she is already potty trained we let her sleep in our bed and she is so funny. I am sure you know the position...on the back with the legs hanging to either side.  Don't get me wrong,she does love her crate as a place to retreat.  Especially after the neighborhood kids leave, she is sooo ready to go to bed.  Thanks again and again and again. 




 We want to let you know that Maddy is so precious.  She has adjusted in our home very well.  Even with our male Terrier, Toby.
She is very playful and loving.  I would recommend a Bichon to any one who is looking for a pet or as we say, another extension of our family.  Maddie has blended in so easily and she is such a joy, even Toby loves her.  I would recommend Donna and Southern Paws Bichons to anyone looking for a new friend.  The experience even though short, is very nice.  Donna makes you very welcome and she is thrilled to tell you everything she knows about the breed. I look forward to taking Maddy for a visit in the near future and hopefully getting another new baby.

                                                                                                                                                Mike and Rene'

                                                                                      CURT and COTTON
                                                                                            best friends

        To anyone considering purchasing a puppy, I definitely suggest a Bichon Frise', especially one from Southern Paws Bichons and Ms. Donna.  I was impressed immediately at the connection between Donna and her puppies.  You could see the love and care she puts into all of her animals. That love in these formative weeks in a puppies young life manifests into good behaved, responsive and well adjusted friends.
        Cotton, my 17 week old male is no exception.  Cotton is healthy, happy and amazingly intelligent. I am a 54 year old Petroleum Engineer, working and socializing among, shall we say, gentlemen with a few ruff edges. I have taken a little guff when my cohorts see my recent choice in canine companionship, but I leave that up to Cotton, who has yet to fail to charm them with a smile and quick wit. I wish you could see this little guy when he gets around his or her hunting dogs and quickly becomes the center of attention.  He doesn't have to "Hunt 'em up", they gravitate to him. Cotton makes friends of all species faster than any animal I have ever witnessed.
       If there is one complaint about Cotton, it is the difficulity in retrieving him from the groomers, our veterinarian Susan and her staff, the neighbors, our now mutual girlfriend Cindy, or just about anybody around when Cotton and I venture out into public.
        Besides endorsing Southern Paws Bichons, I want to covey my heartfelt gratitude to Donna Fontenot, who without her effort I would never had the pleasure of my little partner Cotton. 


                                                                                                                      Curt Anderson


                                                                                  BARBARA and COLETTE

       I have to give Donna Fontenot and Southern Paws Bichons my highest recommendation.  When I went online to find my darling Colette on Donna's website, I phoned Donna right away and she was kind, thoughtful, and helpful from the first phone call. Donna kept me informed and encouraged all the way through with even multiple emails on some days.  Since I was going from Chicago to Dallas to a conference on Labor Day weekend, I asked her if I could drive over to Louisiana and meet her to pick up Colette, who would then be 10 weeks old, a little older than most dogs when they go to their new home. Donna was most acommodating even though Gustav was on its way to Louisiana when we finally arrived at Donna's place. Colette was clean, brushed, bow-tied and ready to go with a bag of personal items and everything a pup could need.  I am glad Colette was able to stay in such a loving environment a little longer because she was socialized beautifully there. 
My girl has tons of personality, but is a gentle soul.  Colette has enhanced my life, bringing me joy and laughter every day. 
I am most gratful to Donna for Colette's great start and for her kind generosity to me.    

                                                                                                                                                     Barbara Burk
                                                                                                                                                        Chicago, Il.


                                                                                    KATE and COOPER
                                                                                     KATHERINE and COOPER

Donna, here are two pictures of my daughters with Cooper (couldn't seem to get everyone in the picture together). He is such a funny little dog with a great personality.  He is so playful and loveable.  He is very much a part of our family now and we love him so much.  We are so glad that we found such a great family of Bichons. We couldn't be happier!

                                                                                                                                           The Kenisky Family




I'm writing this note to let you know how totally fulfilled my life is since Isabelle has arrived.  She is so beautiful already......and smart too. 
My husband is also happy because now I shop for her instead of me.  LOL!!!!!!!!! I must say that your kennels were the cleanest and most attentive that I've ever seen. Isabelle had her first visit to the vet today and of course she was PERFECT.  She is priceless. 
Thank you so much.

                                                                                                                Gay N. Traver
                                                                                                                  Carencro, La.

Loving and owning dogs for over 40 years, and owning a Bichon previously to buying 2 more Bichons from Donna, we were thrilled to find her.  Donna is a wondedrful breeder and a joy to have done business with. Her great professional and personal care for all of her dogs and for you the buyer is outstanding. She runs an extremely clean and loving home for her dogs.   This is NO puppy mill!   We highly recommend her for anyone considering the "best breed in the world." 

                                                                                                           Cissee and Pat Lovell
                                                                                                              Baton Rouge, La.

                                                                         The SIEFERMANS, RINGO and Crusoe

We just wanted to say what a pleasure our new puppy, Ringo, is. It was evident from the start that he had been given lots of love and attention by Donna from the day he was born. He is very sweet, loving, and affectionate as well as extremely smart.  He was housebroken within a week! We lost our female bichon recently and our male, Crusoe was so lonely we knew we needed to get him a new playmate. 
With his sweet nature and disposition Ringo has been a welcome addition to our family and to his "big brother".   Crusoe is happpy again!  We want to thank Donna for breeding such an excellent puppy!

                                                                                                                                  The Siefermans
                                                                                                                                   Youngsville, LA

                                                                                TONI and TODD and BAILY

My husband found the Southern Paws Bichons website and sent me a link. I looked on  it and fell in love with all the puppies but I still was not sure about getting one. I had just lost my Bichon, Harrison, a few months before and was a bit hesitant to get another dog. 
I knew that I wanted another Bichon since they are such a great breed. Plus, my husband has allergies so we knew that this type of dog would not bother him.  After talking about it I agreed to go and see the puppies to see how I felt.

Once we arrived at her house and saw all the puppies I wanted each and every one of them.  Donna was so helpful when we got there.  All the puppies had just been bathed and were so excited to see us.  You could tell how much she loved each of them and that they were extremely well cared for.  After selecting our puppy, the rest was easy.  She had everything so well organized that it took no time to call him ours. We have loved every second of having Bailey in our lives.  He has really made a great addition to our family and we could not be happier with the entire process. He even gets along great with our other dog, Bubba, who is a Chocolate Lab/German Shepherd mix. Bailey thinks that Buba is one big toy!

I have and will continue to recommend anyone looking for a Bichon Frise to go to Southern Paws Bichons since Donna was great to work with.  Thank you for enriching our lives.

                                                                                                                        Toni and Todd Gautreaux
                                                                                                                            Alexandria, Louisiana


                                                                                         Mr. PEABODY

We received our Mr. Peabody the first part of 2008 and it has been love every since!  This is the first Bischon that we have owned and I just love this breed. We've always owned a smaller breed of dog but this time we wanted a dog that was going to be a little bigger than our previous dogs but small enought to enjoy as a house dog, and the Bichon fit the bill in addition to the fact that they DO NOT SHED! 
My only advice to anyone thinking about investing in this breed of dog is this: If you don't have enough time to give this dog love every day don't get one.  This breed of dog is the most loving breed I've been around. They love to be held and cuddled and have their back scratched and rubbed and petted.  I don't go anywhere in the house that Mr. Peaabody is not following on my heals.  I just love him!

                                                                                                                                               B. V.
                                                                                                                                        Alexandria, LA



Thank you for letting Buzz come into our lives. He is a joy to all who meet him (and want to take him home). I have never had a dog with so much personality and energy.  He is so much fun.  The process you have at Southern Paws Bichons makes it easy to pick out the dog that matches the family's  "type" exactly. I have bought other pure breed dogs and never has it been so well done as the way you do it. Thanks for everything and we'll be in touch with news of our little guy.

                                                                                                                                        Annette Viator
                                                                                                                                          New Iberia

                                                                                   OLIVIA and  CASPER
                                                                               MADELINE and JUNIOR

Olivia, Madeline & Boys 

I was looking for a smal dog to be a house pet, but I have allergies. I did some research on the internet and saw the Bichon breed listed as allergy free. I wanted to find a breeder in my area so I could "test" the allergy free part. I found Donna's website and was impressed with the quality of  the site and the multitude of pictures of the dogs. It looked like the website of someone who really cares for animals. I contacted Donna and wanted to be with the puppies to see how I reacted.  She happened to be coming to Baton Rouge and brought three puppies to me for "testing.  What service! The puppies were obvioulsy healthy and happy and of course precious. I didn't itch at all and my eyes didn't water and I held those babies all day.  When it was time for them to go home we decided that we had to keep two!  We really felt bad sending the third one home alone, but we weren't sure we could handle two and definitely not three.  Our boys are spoiled, but so very cute and growing fast.  They are very healthy.  It has to be from all of the love and care they received before they came to live with us. I tell everyone where they came from.

                                                                                                                                                           Karen Neyland
                                                                                                                                                            Baton Rouge

                                                                                 LEILA and Her New Family
Leila& olderdaughter1 
monique and leila5
monique and leila2

Hey Donna!
I know this is long overdue and I hope that my letter won't be too long but I have so many wonderful things to say! 

My experience with Southern Paws Bichons was phenomenal.  Donna just does not meet your expectations but she EXCEEDS them. I don't have the pleasure of living in Louisiana, my family lives in Maryland near Washington DC; so we were very selective/nervous about an out of town breeder.  Not only was Donna helpful with tips, web sites, recommendations, oh and I can't forget the weekly reports/pictures that she sent, she also built a comfort level.  My family and I felt that we were watching our precious baby Leila grow weekly. I know for a fact that we would not have gotten this service locally and I cannot thank you enought Donna!  Leila was shipped to us and Donna provided me with the information about the flight and process.  We updated each other all day on the status of her flight until she was in my arms. Leila's flight was delayed and Donna did not go to bed until she heard that she was safe. When Leila arrived she had a pink towel with her mom's scent (she was Ms. Pink at the time), food and her crate (that she still uses).  Leila was cuter than we ever imagined, fluffy, sweet temperament and pure white.  Donna does not treat her puppies as just her pets but they are truly a part of her family!  I am amazed at Paws Bichons quality, service and the lifetime relationship that they build with their families! If you buy a puppy from Southern Paws Bichons I GUARANTEE you will not be disappointed!

If you have not gotten a microchip please read this story....This is a true story that I want to share with all of you.  We have our bichon, Toulouse home after a year of him missing.  Toulouse got out of our garage over a year ago and after months of searches with the pound, vets, and local surrounding areas,  we determined that he had been picked up and was stolen . It took us over a year to finaly purchase another bichon and that is how we found Southern Paws Bichons.  Two weeks after our puppy was shipped to us we got a phone call that our dog had been found and turned into the shelter. The only way that they could have confirmed that he was our baby was by the microchip. 
Please no mattrer how careful you may be it only takes a few minutes for someone to pick up your dog from your front yard.  Toulouse was found over 45 miles away from our home. We cannot describe the joy of having him home safely and in good health. Although we may not know who had him all this time,  it is a blessing  that we have him home! Please when your vet recommends the microchip get it!  Do the research and use this testimony as a true story that the microchip can bring your pet home safely! 

Donna thank you just isn't enough!  I really appreciate you and allowing us to get our precious baby Leila from Southern Paws Bichons.


                                                                          Allante, Pat, Charles & Aloysia Brooks!!
                                                                                           and GRACE

We all want to thank you again for the "bundle of joy" (Grace)!  She has brought so much laugher into our home and everyone enjoys her. 
The vet has given us outstanding reports on Grace.  I cannot imagine life now without Grace, she is family.

                                                                                                                                    God Bless You!
                                                                                                                                       Pat Brooks
                                                                                                                                        Mobile, Al.

                                                                                          JOY and ZEUS
joy and zeus 2 
                                                                            JOY and ZEUS and "Grandparents"

I absolutely love Southern Paws!  The dogs are gorgeous and Donna is an awesome breeder.  When I walked in I couldn't believe how amazing her "Sun Room " was!! It was such a loving environment for the puppies to spend their first couple of weeks in. I love my little Zeus more than anything. He has brought so much joy to my life and I couldn't imagine my life without him. I wish I could have taken every last one of those cute little white "puff balls" home with me.

                                                                                                                                           Joy Swazey
                                                                                                                                          Lafayette, LA.

                                                                                       LINDA and ANNIE

My name is Linda Morgan.  I just wanted to say that the first time I met Donna Fontenot, she treated me like family. She is a wonderful breeder.  She treats all her puppies and moms so good and keeps them up. The place where the pups are kept is clean.  I went to visit her and the pups when I was looking for a puppy.  I bought a beautiful puppy named Annie Marie.  She has brought so much joy to us.  She is just wonderful. I would recommend Donna to anyone, that is looking for a bichon pup.  She is the one to buy from.  I still keep in touch with her.

                                                                                                                                    Linda Morgan
                                                                                                                                    Franklin, La.

                                                                                     BAILY and BELLA

When I first found Donna's website I was in the process of deciding what breed of dog we wanted to get.  My husband and I have always had Golden Retrievers, but my daughter wanted a little dog.  I began researching the Bichon Frise' Breed and learned that they had a lot of features I was looking for.  I then called Ms. Donna and set up a meeting to come and visit her and her pups. I was interested in a litter from her smallest female and it so happened that Maggie had just had a litter of 6 pups. I paid for her and was 2nd pick, but I already fell in love with the one she called "Miss Yellow".  I know that I probably drove Ms. Donna nuts because I called and emailed all the time.  I got to pick up Bella early and got to surprise my daughter and husband with her.  She has been a blessing to our family and a joy to travel with.  Thank you Ms. Donna for everything.

                                                                                                                Crystal, Matt and Baily Grayson
                                                                                                                       Bella and Bonnie too

About a year ago we decided to buy a Bichon dog. We had one that had died the previous Feb. and were ready to get another one.  After contacting Donna at Southernpaws we went to her home and were introduced by herself and her grandson to 2 sets of perspective parents of 2 litters about to come due.  Donna called when the first litter was born and we drove to Opelousas to view the "babies" and pick out our "Angelle".  After 6 weeks we were called to go pick up our baby.  Again, Donna and her grandson were there to make the transition easy.  We left with a blanket and a stuffed pig ring that Angelle still sleeps with. We have had no medical problems with our puppy and would recommend Southernpaws for a healthy, happy puppy.  Angelle is almost 1 year old and she has grown to be a beautiful, charming little companion with an outstanding personality.

                                                                                                                             Sincerely, Don and Gerry Daigle
                                                                                                                                      Baton Rouge

                                                                                    My name is "B"

I, along with my siblings, wanted to get my mother the perfect mother's day present.  She has always talked about Bichons and I had never given them any thought.  We decided to get her one, and beings I still live with my mother, I fell in love with him.  He is always with me, but he loves my mom.  My mom loves him, but a puppy was just too much for her right now.  However, I had no problem taking over.  He's a handfull, but he's wonderful.  He knows how to get you to laugh, and somehow knows when something is wrong.  He is a great little dog and a quick learner.  I taught to speak, give me his paw, and lay down within a week.  I never get tired of seeing him.  He fits in perfectly with my other animals....well my babies.  My experience with Donna has been wonderful also.  From the beginning, she sent me pictures when I wanted them, and kept me informed as to how he was doing.  Even now I can email and she will give me a suggestion with my problem I am having with him.  Thanks Donna for the wonderful experience both with you and this wonderful little dog, who is more than a dog...he's family.

                                                                                                                                            Lacy Nettleton

                                          Boshi and Emily
 Hi Ms. Donna,

           My family and I just wanted to say hi and again thank you so much for Boshi.  He is a wonderful dog.  He is almost a year old now and I still have not had an allergic reaction to him.  My allergy specialist is even amazed and will definetly pass my allergy case on to people who suffer from severe allergies to animals so they too can enjoy the compnionship of a house pet.  Boshi is very much loved and cherished.  I can't thank you enough.